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Video to DVD Useful Information

Please find below some of the frequently asked questions we receive.  We’ve tried to make this as straight forward as possible but of course, if it’s not making sense then just get in touch.

What formats we handle.

We’re able to run a lot of formats ranging from old to new. We handle tapes/cards that run in both standard play and long play which only comes into question when using a ‘per 30 minutes’ service.

VHS tapes are among the most common tape format we deal with. The can record up to 6 hours in long play and have been known to record for longer. Weddings from the 80’s and 90’s are popular on VHS.

VHS-C / SVHS-C were the camcorder tapes that then fit into a VHS converter, which is basically a casette build like a a VHS tape that this tape fits into. These can hold up to 90 minutes of video.

8mm / Hi-8 / Video 8 / Digital 8 originally begin in the 80’s with each addition to the format developed over time. These tapes generally last up to 90 minutes in long play.

Mini DV tapes are a digital format that first appeared around 1995 and are still an extremely popular choice today due to their quality and robustness. In long play they can record up to 90 minutes

SD Cards are a more recent format used in camcorders along side models with built in hard drives. These cards can be purchased in a range of sizes and therefore the amount of footage they can hold varies. These cards are also used to record HD footage.


We generally aim to cater for most formats and those listed are the more common ones we deal with. If you have a format that doesn’t appear here then feel free to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.


Video and Camcorder Tape Formats

Delivery Options

Sending your order.

Your films are no doubt precious and irreplaceable so we recommend taking great care with packaging your order. To be honest the reels themselves are normally very sturdy and even if any of the spools did crack it shouldn’t cause any problems with the transfer – but – better safe than sorry!

All orders we receive are usually packaged in a box such as a shoe box for example, stuffed with bubble wrap or screwed up newspaper. This is perfectly suitable and if room permits we send the order back this way, with additional padding if required.

Smaller orders are often sent in Jiffy bags which again is perfectly fine. The reels are tough so the padding these bag provide is suitable for the post.

When sending your order to us we highly recommend using a service that requires a signature such as Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery (our method of choice). For larger orders that weigh over 2kg we recommend a courier such as ParcelForce which you can also arrange through your Post Office. For large orders we opt to use ParcelForce 48 hour delivery. All of these methods require a signature and offer some form of compensation if any problems did occur.

Delivery Options

Payment Options

Payment Options?

We have several options for you to choose from in regards to making payment on your order.

Credit/Debit Card – Card payments can be made over the phone and we often do this once the order is booked in and the price is confirmed. We usually call around for any outstanding payments at the end of each week and we’ll actually contact you for it, meaning there’s no need for you to worry about getting it sorted and holding up your order. Cards that we accept are:

Card Payment Options

Cheque – A cheque made payable to either ‘Daniel Anuzis’ or ‘ANU Media’ is fine and if the amount is known and you can send this with your order.

Paypal – We’re happy to take payments through Paypal and you can make your payment to ‘’. We usually send a payment request once we’ve booked in your order and confirmed the price, so again, there’s no need for you to worry about chasing it up with us.

Cash – Payment by cash is fine although we don’t recommend sending cash with your order by post. We mostly take cash payments when orders are collected from our premisis.

Bank Transfer – For those who prefer to do a bank transfer, please find the details to do so below. We’ll usually confirm the price and the following details with you before the payment needs to be made.

To: ANU Media
Bank: Lloyds TSB 
Account: 22226368 
Sort: 77-22-31

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