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Video to DVD & HD Blu-Ray

Video to DVD TransferThere’s been so many different video formats over the years that it’s tough to keep track!  We’ve got you covered though as we offer video to dvd transfers on many video types, big and small.

Using our Professional Video Capture Decks we can capture your video tapes and convert them to a cleaner digital format, transferring them onto DVD or to a computer video file for you to edit yourself. Using time based correction our system can improve noise reduction, image stabilization and overall preserve your treasured memories.

We also cover some high definition formats and even offer HD upscaling for those interested in the current tech!

Introducing the Teranex Processor for maximum quality video transfers to DVD or Bluray

Now in operation at ANU Media is the extremely powerful Teranex Convertor helping us push those old memories even further, producing stunning results in upscaling analogue video to HD as well as sharpening images on SD transfers. Matched up with our Time Based Correction units we’re doing our best video transfers yet…


Video Transfer

Analogue video to dvd transfers.

Analogue video tapes are captured through our video decks which make use of 3D Y/C separation, 3D noise reduction and Line Time Base Correction features to help enhance and restore old analogue video.

Advanced Image Enhancement Features

Advanced Image Enhancement Features.
2D/3D Y/C separation - 2D Y/C separation separates Brightness (Y) and Chrominance (C) from the composite source signal by one frame. The 3D Y/C separation separates by cross-referencing each frame with the frames immediately in front and behind, further refining and improving the overall image quality.

Digital 3D Noise Reduction

Digital 3D Noise Reduction.
Eliminates noise in the analog video signal by detecting noise based on the characteristics.

Digital Line Time Base Corrector

Digital Line Time Base Corrector.
Detects images with strong horizontal jitter and employs powerful correction methods to repair the jitter.

Digital Tape Transfers

Digital video to dvd transfers.

Digital tapes are captured via our capture decks over firewire connections retaining the full quality of your footage.

Image wise there’s normally nothing much to be done other than a touch of colour correction and some room for standard cut-and-move editing.



HD Video Transfer

HD Video

High definition video to Blu-Ray, ProRes or MP4.

HD is becoming the standard in today camcorders with most now coming with internal hard drvies, slots for SD cards or both.

The quality of HD does vary between cameras but ANU Media can transfer the full quality footage to Blu-Ray or to an external hard drive in ProRes/MP4 for you to edit on your computer.


Video Upscaling

SD video upscale to HD.

Every household seems to have a HDTV these days and those old VHS tapes just don’t cut it anymore! Using the powerful Teranex processor we can now offer next level hardware based upscaling, producing the most crisp image we can achieve from old analogue tapes. Matched up with a TBC unit, we’re able to achieve a steady, sharpened and full 1080p upscale on older video formats. Just like with our cine film transfers though, a lot of analogue video was filmed in 4:3 aspect so black bars are added at the side of the image so that the image isn’t stretched/squashed. Examples on out upscales will be available shortly…



Levels of Service that we offer

Straight video Transfer

Straight transfer.

Transfer your analogue and digital tapes using the methods above to our editing suite where the films are quickly check over. We then add chapter markers added every 10 minutes and render the videos ready to produce and build to DVD.

HD video and SD cards are copied such as digital tapes and produced to Blu-Ray. A 50% charge is added to the transfer cost for HD films.

Editing Your Films

Transfer with editing.

A transfer with editing does exactly what it says on the tin. We’ll transfer your films and then comb through the footage to produce a more seamless and well presented movie. We aim to break up scenes in the films with fade transitions and add chapter markers in places we think they fit best, more sepcific that the 10 minute points used for straight transfers. Your films are then rendered and produced to DVD, Blu-Ray, etc, as normal.

HD video and SD cards are copied such as digital tapes and produced to Blu-Ray. A 50% charge is added to the transfer cost for HD films.



Presentation offered with our service

Output Options

Output options.

If you’re just looking to relive your cine films then transferring them to DVD or Blu-Ray is fine, but if you know a little about computers and would like to create your own films then there’s plenty of options for you. If you’re unsure and need more info then please contact us.

HD Options
Cine to Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray - holds up to 2 hours of full 1080p high definition video. Blu-Ray discs are universal and unlocked for copying.

Cine to ProRes

Apple ProRes - the new standard in hd video editing is this free plugin from Apple. 3 quality options are available - 422 Standard (54Gb p/hour), 422 HQ (81Gb p/hour) and 4444 (121Gb p/hour), each requires a hard drive to transfer to.

SD Options
Cine to DVD

DVD - holds up to 1:30 hours of sd film. Comes as a PAL DVD, unlocked so that you can create your own copies.

Cine to Quicktime

Quicktime - the video standard on Apple computers is used to provide sd editable DV video for Mac users. Requires roughly 13Gb per hour. Any order over 2 hours requires an external hard drive.

Cine to AVI

AVI - the video standard on Windows computers is used to provide sd editable DV video for Windows users. Requires roughly 13Gb per hour. Any order over 2 hours requires an external hard drive.

DVD & Blu-Ray Packaging

Finalising & packaging.

If you’ve opted to transfer your films to Blu-Ray or DVD then the final product will come back to you as a printed disc, inside a case with printed/personalised sleeve.

The disc and sleeve will feature the title of your films, and if you provided a photograph for us to use on the cover then it will feature on the sleeve, and on the menu of the Blu-Ray or DVD.

Orders requiring multiple discs will come in cases that can grow to hold up to 8 discs each for DVD orders, and cases that can hold up to 6 discs each with Blu-Ray orders, so larger orders need not worry about too much clutter.

DVD’s produced by us are region free but use PAL discs and so will require a PAL compatible DVD player to play them on. Blu-Ray’s are completely region free and should work world wide without any issues.

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