Video & Camera Tape Transfer

VHS & Camcorder formats transferred to DVD, Bluray & MP4

Professional and caring transfer of your films...
starting from £10 per tape

Video and older camcorder tapes are now showing their age. With each play they begin to degrade, and as the format is analogue - once they're gone, they're gone! Little can be done to save lost or damaged video, so getting them transferred to digital is paramount to keeping those memories safe.

Whether it is welcoming a newborn, celebrating Christmas, a friends Weddings or that amazing family holiday, video's always have some amazing stuff worth keeping!

All this is why we use what we consider to be some of the best equipment for the job. We can offer fully uncompressed transfer from analogue to digital and high quality output to DVD or MP4, or we can take things further by running an upscale process via our Teranex processor which will professionally upgrade your films to full 1080p HD video - transferred to Bluray or HD MP4 video files.



Before transferring, we check each tape is in working order by doing a full fast forward and rewind. We deal with a lot of broken tapes which have all been fixable, but catching those breaks before running a transfer is much more beneficial.



Tapes are transferred and converted to an uncompressed video file. These run from our high-end decks, via our ADVC-300 conversion unit through Firewire connections (no USB). Each transfer is assessed for capture and we'll adjust colour/saturation/sharpening/etc on the unit to get the best results.

On HD orders, the ADVC-300 unit is connected to our Teranex convertor via Thunderbolt and files are upscaled straight from the digital conversion before being saved to our drives.



Films are edited as normal and for SD transfers we'll export to SD DVD or MP4 video files.  If you opted for the HD transfer then the HD files are exported to Bluray or HD MP4 files. We'll use any titles written on tapes to label the discs/boxes before finalising everything to return.

Quick Quote:

What does it cost?

Tape transfer to DVD or MP4: £10 per tape.
(standard definition)

Tape transfer to Bluray or MP4: £25 per tape.
(high definition)

Memory card/digital video transfer: £5 per hour.
(add 1 time £5 for transfer to DVD)

Transfers to MP4 (SD & HD) will require a hard drive or memory stick to load the files on to due to file sizes. Please call or contact us for more information on space required.

Return postage is £6 by Recorded Delivery or £10 for Special Delivery.

Why do we do it?

We love what we do. Capturing those treasured memories and hearing back from our customers is an amazing experience.

We've been operating to the highest standards in the UK since 2010, way back when most other companies scoffed at the idea of HD - who now mostly offer HD themselves!

Satisfaction Guarantee!

Video tape transfers are a pretty straight forward job when running through the correct equipment. Always make sure your transfers are being done professionally and not through a £30 USB analogue transfer kit from PC World! 


Video is digitally transferred in PAL format (unless requested otherwise) and then output in standard definition to DVD. DVD's will be playable on regular DVD players and computers with DVD drives.

To Bluray

Video is digitally transferred in PAL format (unless requested otherwise), output via our teranex convertor for a professional studio grade upscale, and then output in high definition to Bluray. Bluray's will only be playable on Bluray players and computers with Bluray drives.

To MP4

Video is digitally transferred in PAL format (unless requested otherwise) then output to SD or HD MP4 computer files. These files can be used to watch via a media centre, from a USB or drive connection, or can be edited by yourself to produce your own DVDs and Blurays.

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What formats do we transfer?

We currently transfer VHS, VHS-C, Video 8/Hi 8/8mm, Mini DV and any digital format off of a hard drive camcorder or memory cards.

What do I get?

If you order to DVD or Bluray then you'll receive the discs fully printed and presented in a case.

If you order to MP4 files then you'll simply find those files on the provided storage.

How long does it take?

Tape orders take around 1 week to produce depending on the size of the order and current queue size.

Will I get my tapes back?

You'll get all of your original videos back along with the discs or storage.

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