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Slides & Photos Transfer Price List

Photos, Slides and Negatives Transfer Costs
Photo and Slide Scanning

Photos, Slides, Negatives Scanning.
Images scanned and produced to DVD slideshow or JPEG disc.

per image

Digital Photo Transfers

Digital Images.
This price is the copy/transfer of your digital images to DVD slideshow or JPEG disc.

per image

Photos to Blu-Ray Slideshow

HD Blu-Ray Slideshow.
High definition slideshow in full 1080p.
Please note: A Blu-Ray player will be required to view this slideshow.

Add £20
one off fee

Enhancement Prices

You have the choice of either leaving your slideshow silent, to send a music CD in with your order for us to use or to have our Royalty Free music added onto your slideshow. There is no cost for either option.


Chapter Menu.

Chapter Menu.
We do add markers throughout your slideshow which then give you the option to skip through, but with this enhancement we'll add an extra button on your Blu-Ray/DVD start up menu that loads up a page listing the chapter titles. These chapters can simply be "Box 1, Box 2, etc" or they can be names for different times such as "Christmas 1999, Skegness 2001, etc". By clicking one of these titles you'll be taken straight to that part of the slideshow. It's much like the index of a book, but you can press the chapter title and go straight to that page!

per 900 images


Adding titles throughout your slideshow can add a nice personal touch, such as having the name of an event appear in front of the slideshow. It also helps you keep track of where you are along the timeline of your images if it's a larger order.

50p each

DVD Copies.

Extra Copies.
All the discs we produce are unclocked meaning that you can make your own copies. We do however offer extra copies of your films that include all the packaging, design and titles that your original product has.

Blu-Ray: £10
DVD: £5
per 1200 images

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