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Quiet spell!

May 31st, 2016 by

It’s been a while since we posted anything here but we don’t want to look dormant! Getting settled in to the new premises took longer than planned while trying to remain on top of orders. I think we’ll be keeping our feet firmly planted on the back of this one!

We’ve also had a bit of a reshuffle with staff over this last couple of months and in doing so we have suffered some setbacks with turnaround times. While it may have taken longer to get orders back home our priority is to make sure the quality of work remains the same high level as always, so hopefully everyone is at least happy with their films once back in hand. We’re coming to the back end of this setback now with the last cluster of orders being tied up this week, then hopefully we’ll be back to our 2-3 week turn around times going forward from next week.

Updates have been slow and we’ve been noticing some parts of the website are a little out of date but we’re working on overhauling and updating the site, so if there is any misinformation remaining we will clear this up shortly. It’s a bigger website than we realise some times and finding all these nuggets of info is proving challenging!!

Hopefully the next update will be a bit more cheery!

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