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Photos & 35mm Slides to DVD or JPEG Transfer

Slides to DVD Transfer35mm Slides and photographs have produced some of our favourite moments here! More often than not these snippets of memory are taken so well and have been cared for well enough for us to get some stunning results from them.

35mm slides to DVD and negatives in particular always achieve amazing files due to them being film which enables us to do extremely high resolution scans with them.

We take great pride in our image editing too so where other may use the automated features of a scanner or accompanying software, we do a lot more of it by hand in Photoshop.

There’s a lot we can do with the final digital files so take a look through below and hopefully we can help.

Slides to DVD

Super high resolution scanning.

For image scanning we opted to use a high end flatbed scanner over automated verticle scanners due to the flexibility and control we have over the scans.

Our scanners are hooked up using firewire connections for a fast, high quality transfer and each image.

Each image is wiped clean by hand using a lint free cloth to try and remove as much dirt as possible before the scan, and are then placed seperately into a plate ready to scan.

Photo and Slide scanning

Clever software.

The magic of our image scanning comes with the software performing the scans. Taking advantage of the super pricise optics and laser technology the software can spot any other dirt on the image as it is scanned. Once the scan is complete the software then attempts to remove these defects from the captured digital image.

Slides and negatves are scanned in at a huge 3200dpi, and photos are often less due to their size to start with.

All images are saved out as high quality JPEG’s ready for us to take a look at and finish off.


Presentation offered with our service

Photo editing

Experienced photo editing.

As fantastic as the hardware and software used in this process is, the finishing touches are completed by our editor. With over 10 years of professional photo editing experience behind us, your images are in good hands.

Using industry standard photo editing software we’ll make any necessary adjustments to colour correction, contrast and levels to finish off the images restoring them to their glory days. The images are finalised and saved as 3200dpi high quality JPEG files.

From here we simply go on as normal to produce your final order.

Music and audio sountrack

Music soundtrack.

If you’re having your images transferred to a slideshow on either Blu-Ray or DVD then it may be worth adding a music sound track to give it that extra dash of dazzle!

We can provide a soundtrack using royalty free instrumental music, you can send us some music on CD to use, or of course you can leave the slideshow silent. If you’re not sure then we always suggest “why not have the royalty free music, and if you don’t like it you can just mute it“.

Any of these options are FREE to take advantage of.




Image format

Output options.

If you’re just looking to relive your cine films then transferring them to DVD or Blu-Ray is fine, but if you know a little about computers and would like to create your own films then there’s plenty of options for you. If you’re unsure and need more info then please contact us.

Blu-Ray HD Slideshow

Blu-Ray - holds up to 2 hours of hd film and can produce up to a 6x better image than DVD's. Is region free but requires a Blu-Ray player and HDTV.

DVD Slideshow

DVD - holds up to 1:30 hours of sd film. Comes as a PAL DVD, unlocked so that you can create your own copies.


JPEG Files - this option basically gives you all of the final image files on a CD or DVD. All images provided on this format are the full quality fileswith each being anywhere up to 20Mb in size.

DVD & Blu-Ray Packaging

Finalising & packaging.

If you’ve opted to transfer your images to a Blu-Ray or DVD slideshow or a JPEG disc then the final product will come back to you as a printed disc, inside a case with printed/personalised sleeve.

The disc and sleeve will feature the title of your choice, and if you selected a photograph for us to use on the cover then it will feature on the sleeve, and on the menu of the Blu-Ray or DVD slideshow.

Orders requiring multiple discs will come in cases that can grow to hold up to 8 discs each for DVD orders, and cases that can hold up to 6 discs each with Blu-Ray orders, so larger orders need not worry about too much clutter.

DVD’s produced by us are region free but use PAL discs and so will require a PAL compatible DVD player to play them on. Blu-Ray’s are completely region free and should work world wide without any issues.

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