Photo Transfer & Restoration

Printed and digital images transferred and restored to high resolution JPEG files.

Professional and caring transfer of your photos...
starting from £1 per image

Photo's and slides can produce some stunning results, so we love working with this format. With a background in photography we can certainly appreciate a beautiful image.

All photos and slide are scanned using a high resolution flatbed scanner. While this process is slower than using an automated scanner that many opt for, doing it this way gives us a lot more control.

We don't stop here though and take all images captured into PhotoShop where we will enhance all images further to get the best results we can offer.

Dust and CLEAn

Before transferring, we hand clean every image in the order. We aim to remove as much dust/dirt as possible before the image touches our system. While the images may not appear to be dirty when looking at them, the scanner picks up a lot more detail often showing many more defects than we can see ourselves.


Images are transferred on our flatbed scanner to a high resolution digital image. The chosen resolution depends on the type of image we're scanning but this would be clarified at the time of ordering.

The software performing the scan will do a light removal of small artefacts (dust, etc) without harming any detail of the image, and the final image is produced ready for us to take and edit.


All images are then retouched in PhotoShop, colours and detail both enhanced, then any larger artefacts (creases, cracks, etc) are removed manually. We will also add sharpening filters to images that benefit from it before saving the final image to JPEG ready to return to you.

Quick Quote:

What does it cost?

Image transfer to JPEG: £1 per image.

Larger orders will require a hard drive or memory stick to load the files on to due to file sizes. Please call or contact us for more information on space required.

Return postage is £6 by Recorded Delivery or £10 for Special Delivery.

Why do we do it?

We love what we do. Capturing those treasured memories and hearing back from our customers is an amazing experience.

We've been operating to the highest standards in the UK since 2010, way back when most other companies scoffed at the idea of HD - who now mostly offer HD themselves!

Satisfaction Guarantee!

The process of scanning and transferring photos and slides can be done using many automated options - each having their pros and cons. Our experience with these have varied from poor colour reproduction up to faces being blended and smudged while being mistaken for dust!

We've opted for the longer, hands-on route to make sure these silly issues are gone and the quality second to none.

What formats do we transfer?

We can transfer any image up to the size of A4.

What do I get?

You'll receive your images back as JPEG files. Each file will be large in size so if lower resolution images are required as well then please let us know at the time of ordering.

How long does it take?

Image transfer orders take around 2 weeks to produce depending on the size of the order and current queue size due to the work involved.

Will I get my images back?

You'll get all of your original images back along with the discs or storage 

Will the images look better?

We manually do a number of enhancements on your images to get the best results. Slide formats will look best due to the film holding more detail. Photographs will still have the paper grain once scanned.

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