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Happy New year

January 4th, 2016 by

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic break (those lucky ones that did!) and that your Christmas and New Year were great. It’s always tough going back to the everyday life after having so much time off with family and friends!

The run up to Christmas has already been discussed in previous posts, but the problems we experienced in the run up to Christmas – while not huge deals themselves, just really badly timed! – could’ve been a lot more simpler to resolve. It opened our eyes a little bit to some problem solving issues, the main one living as far away from the shop as we do. It’s not a huge distance (15 mins or so) but running back and forth wasn’t all much fun and it ate a lot of our time. On that note we’ve decided to pull it all closer to home.  We’r currently in the process of shifting address and while we’d hoped to have sorted everything over the holiday, circumstances didn’t allow it. We should be fully operational in the new studio by the weekend so all new details will be available then. For the time being we’re recommending that any orders are sent to our home office address that is now available on the website and order forms.

Unfortunately our holiday period also consisted of a swift reminder of how fragile life is and how quickly things can go down hill as a close family member fell ill and has been in hospital since the 27th Dec. We are operating this week, the phone lines will be back open as normal on Wednesday 6th, but if you do get the answer machine then there’s a possibility we’re visiting at the hospital so please do leave a message and we’ll call you straight back as soon as possible. We wouldn’t normally disclose this kind of information but under the circumstances we don’t want callers to think we’re ignoring calls.

A huge thank you once again to our fantastic customers throughout 2015 and here’s to a happy and healthy 2016 ahead.

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