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Free Cine to DVD Transfer Sample

September 9th, 2013 by

We had a much slower start with the free sample transfer on cine films than we’d expected as we first launched it, but it’s steadily picked up steam and has given us plenty to do these last several weeks.  We’re really happy with how smoothly it’s picked up and it’s been great hearing back from those who have given it a try.

We’re always asked about the image quality we can produce and while the sample videos on the website do their part, there’s no way to really show you how your films will come out without actually transferring YOUR films.  The free sample transfer gives you the perfect example of how your films will look – there’s no real alternative.

We’ve always been extremely confident in the work we produce so I’m glad we decided to take this step forward.  The real push to offer this came about when we had yet another visitor asking us to transfer their films after having them transferred prior at another (big name) high street store. Although the customer did provide the original DVD, I regrettably held off keeping footage to show in a comparison shot, but seeing this made me wonder how many people are accepting these low quality transfers as being ok.

If you’re looking to get your films transferred then why not click here and try us out free of charge. All you need to cover is the return postage back.

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