Cine Film Transfer

8mm & Super 8 cine film transferred to DVD, Bluray & MP4

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Professional and caring transfer of your films...
starting from £5 per 50ft

Cine film transfers are our speciality. The process might run on some clever machinery, but the process as a whole is very hands on - so it's important to have someone who cares handling your transfer.

All of our transfers are originally captured in full 1080p high definition before being output to the chosen format. Because of the aspect that cine film has, our video will have black bars to the left and right of the film as HD video is a widescreen format.

Each order is different. We get asked a lot "is it worth getting my films transferred" in which case the easiest and most honest way to answer that question is to do a free sample transfer where we can send you a file online to judge how your films look.


Every order starts with a bit of love! We'll clean each reel, removing as much loose dust and hair as possible, while giving us chance to check the quality of splices. Any repairs needed are done using a snippet of tape at no charge.


Each reel is transferred via our HD capture unit. Films run through the system at around 15fps, so a 50ft reel will take 5-7 mins to complete. The transfer is a live capture with frame registry, and once done we manually select the films playback speed which is normally 16 or 18fps. The frames are then taken and compiled to a new video file at the correct playback speed which we then take to the editing suite.


We take the collective film files and comb through each to get the best possible results. This involves removing blank film, colour correction, brightness/contrast fixes and sharpening filters where required to enhance detail. 

We then render the edited films to produce the DVD/Bluray/MP4 files ready to return for your enjoyment.

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What does it cost?

We've slashed our prices in preparation for Christmas, but instead of offering a limited discount we've locked it for all customers, from now til Christmas!

Transfers to MP4: £5 per 50ft

Transfers to DVD: Add £15.00

Transfers to Bluray: Add £25.00

If a storage device is needed for digital files then this will need to be supplied or we can provide one at cost (usually around £35-£50 depending on space required).

Return postage is £6 for 1st Class Recorded Delivery and £11 for Special Delivery. For orders over 2kg there may be a bump depending on choice of delivery.

What's included?

Cleaning, transfer, edit, output are all inclusive.

Orders to DVD or Bluray may need to be viewed by yourself so that the films can be placed in the correct order. We offer an online preview for this purpose which will be a downloadable MP4 file of your film sequence. This video will be of lower quality to aid with the file size and speed, all films will be titled as per their number order, and once viewed you just need to email us the correct order or sequence (and titles!).

Film titles are free, but we require the titles to be sent in a computer document (emailed) so that we can copy and paste to avoid spelling errors.

Why do we do it?

We love what we do. Capturing those treasured memories and hearing back from our customers is an amazing experience.

We've been operating to the highest standards in the UK since 2010, way back when most other companies scoffed at the idea of HD - who now mostly offer HD themselves!

Satisfaction Guarantee!

The only way to know for certain how good your films will look when transferred is to actually have one transferred! We've offered a free 50ft sample right back from day 1 and still stand by that option.

Send us your film and we'll send you a sample video back online for you to see and judge.

to DVD

Cine is transferred in 1080p HD and then output in standard definition to DVD. DVD's will be playable on regular DVD players and computers with DVD drives.

to Bluray

Cine is transferred in 1080p HD and then output to Bluray retaining the full HD resolution. A FREE DVD copy is included with all Bluray orders. Blurays only play on Bluray players on TV or PC.

to MP4

Cine is transferred in 1080p HD and then output to HD MP4 computer files. These files can be used to watch via a media centre, from a USB or drive connection, or can be edited by yourself to produce your own DVDs and Blurays.

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What formats do we transfer?

We specialise in the transfer of standard 8mm and super 8 cine film formats. We can arrange the transfer of 9.5mm and 16mm film through outsourcing if it's easier for you to send everything to us and this will be done at cost - confirmed at the time of ordering.

What do I get?

If you order to DVD or Bluray then you'll receive the discs fully printed and presented in a case.

If you order to MP4 files then you'll simply find those files on the provided storage.

How long does it take?

Cine orders take around 2 week to produce depending on the size of the order and current queue size.

Will I get my films back?

You'll get all of your original films back along with the discs or storage.

Do you title the films?

Yes, if you include a digital list of titles for us to copy and paste then we will use those for your films, otherwise we will label each film 'Reel 1', 'Reel 2', etc.

Alternatively we can copy titles from written labels but this may include an admin fee depending on the size of the order.

Are the films transferred in the correct order?

If the films are labelled then we will follow that order sequence for the transfer. If there are no labels on the film then we can offer you the preview file option at no cost. With this we will send your collection of films transferred in a single video file that you can skip through and then send us instructions for the correct order of sequence. This can be explained further at the time of ordering.

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