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Cine Film Transfer – Free Sample

Free Cine Sample

It’s been a fantastic run so far on our cine transfers but we still have enquiries that doubt the quality of the format – whether it be from misinformation on other websites or just general concerns.

We’ve decided to try and hit this nail on the head so are now offering a free sample transfer to DVD of 50ft of film in either standard or high definition.  All you need to do is download the PDF form, fill out the necessary information and then send it off to us.  We do ask that you include £2.50 which is to cover return delivery of the DVD and the reel itself.

We’ll then proceed to transfer the reel, perform edits as per normal and then output to the chosen option.

Please note that Blu-Ray high definition samples will only play back on a Blu-Ray player where as standard def DVD samples are on standard DVD format.  The other 3 formats – Mac (Quicktime), Windows (AVI) Apple ProRes (HD format) will all require computers to view.

When you’re ready to go please send it to: ANU Media, 69 Burlington Avenue, Langwith Junction, Notts, NG20 9AB.

If you have any questions then please free to email us at or give us a call on 01623 707018.

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