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Cine Film to DVD transfer and HD Blu-Ray

Cine to DVD TransferStandard 8 and super 8 cine film to DVD  is our speciality and we’ve been running our transfers in high definition since 2011.  Cine films that are cared for can produce some amazing results and more often than not our customers are completely knocked back from the results we’re able to achieve.  It’s surprising just how much information is on those tiny frames of film.

Although we would always recommend the high definition transfer over the standard, we don’t hold you to it.  Our standard definition cine film to dvd transfers are all captured in HD originally then edited and exported to SD, meaning we are always working from the best source possible.

Seeing is believing with cine film due to an understandably low expectation from most customers, so why not take advantage of our free cine transfer sample service that we now offer – click here for more information.

Here’s just some of the highlights of our service!

Free Collection Service

FREE Collection & Return

On orders over £100 we offer to collect your order from you and return at no extra cost. You can still post it or visit us to drop off of course!

All cine film is cleaned

FREE Cleaning On All Film

We now clean all cine film that we transfer. The dry clean we do provides very good results too – absolutely essential for HD transfers!

Free menus and titles presentation

Enhanced Presentation

Our service now includes a custom Blu-Ray & DVD Menu created using your films, along with Titles throughout your movie as standard.

Free dvd copy as standard

FREE DVD on Blu-Ray Orders

Being the first to offer this addon, we continue to provide a FREE DVD copy of your films if you have them transferred to Blu-Ray at no extra cost.

And what some of our customers have said…

  • Hi Daniel, I watched some of the dvds yesterday and I am delighted. My parents will be moved to tears.

    M Heathcote (Cine Film to DVD Transfer)
  • Entrusting the irreplaceable into someone else’s hands is a frightening thing to do, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Anu Media as I felt that they treated my precious cine film as if it was their own.

    G Phethean (Cine Film to AVI Transfer)
  • Daniel, our second DVD arrived today and we are very pleased with it.  We will shortly have another batch to send to you and that will be our entire collection of 8mm transferred.

    W Pyne (Cine Film to DVD Transfer)
  • The quality and speed of the service was excellent. The present of the DVD etc made my mothers 80th birthday and was a very emotional event. Your work helped make the day very special and we would thoroughly recommend your services to anybody.

    E Coleman (Cine Film to DVD Transfer)
  • Daniel. Thank you SO much! My parcel arrived today, as promised. I’m so impressed by the quality of the cine films you transferred.

    W Nel (Cine Film to DVD Transfer)
  • We have looked at two of the DVDs so far and they seem to be a great improvemnet on the videos before.

    D Giles (Cine Film to DVD Transfer)
  • Received film today and it was well worth waiting for, Many thanks.

    S Bennett (Cine Film to DVD Transfer)
  • Daniel, thanks for converting my 8mm films I am very pleased with the results.

    H Stephenson (Cine Film to DVD Transfer)
  • Hi Daniel, many thanks for the DVD.  We sat and watched it straight away and it’s really brilliant.  It’s great to see the family memories again.

    A & J Mayell (Cine Film to DVD Transfer)

Highlight features of our service

Cine Film to DVD System - Behind the scenes

Cine Film Transfers – Behind the Scenes.

Take a look behind the scenes with Daniel as we have a quick look at the cine film transfer system we use – the Sniper HDL – and follow through a quick overview of the process of the transfers. Do bear in mind that this is just a glimpse of the process and there’s a lot more involved than the trimmed down highlights you see here.

For more information on the matter please feel free to get in touch to discuss any finer points. We hope you enjoy or at least get a few answers from this video, and we believe it’s only fair that you – the customer – know exactly what you’re paying for before ordering, as we know better than anyone that it can soon add up in cost!

Please click here to watch the video or if you’re struggling to load this video try watching it on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Cine Film to DVD

HD & SD cine film to dvd service.

Our HD scanner unit offers full 1080p resolution scanning which sits the full capture 1920×1080. This means you’re getting the full image in the best quality out there.

The system takes advantage of new optics and current technology, taking a frame by frame scan of your 8mm cine films to produce a flicker free video made up of every frame from your films in beautiful high definition to Blu-Ray, or the sharpest image possible in SD cine film to DVD.

Every moment and emotion is captured and can be seen like never before, all done through an incredibly safe system never threatening the well being of your films – as delicate as they are.

If you’d like to discuss this system with myself (Daniel) then you can email me at, or give me a call on 01623 707018 and I’ll be happy to talk through and clear up on any questions you may have.

Frame by Frame Scanning

Frame by frame scanning.

With our cine film transfers we’ve always offered a frame by frame capture service. This means that each frame of your films are captured 1 at a time at their natural speed, and not filmed with a video camera at 25fps.

Whereas filming your cine films directly would produce results where you could see the pull down in between frames, our system makes every single image on the final Blu-Ray or DVD an image from your films – nothing inbetween!

To do this our system has to make your films which originally run at 16 or 18 frames per second, play correctly at 25 frames per second on your TV. To achieve this, several frames out of those 16/18 per second are duplicated to make the frame count up to 25 frames per second. On paper this doesn’t sound ideal and some would think that it might produce stuttering with your films, but, believe it or not we’re left with smooth footage playing at it’s original speed.

Safe Sprocket Control

Sprocketless Drive.

Our system makes use of a sprocketless drive in transferring cine film, meaning your films are in very safe hands.  Mid reel fixes or unloading are possible and if for some reason the film does stop running, no harm will come to it.  Added together with a cool LED light source (more info further down) and your films are at the safest you could wish for them to be!



Cine film transfer examples

Cine examples.

If an image says a thousand words, then how much does a video tell you? Please find some examples of our work below and see for yourself the quality of work we produce. Please note that these samples are compressed for viewing on the web and so do not represent the full final quality.


HD Cine Film to Blu-Ray Transfer DemoSD vs SDSD Cine Film to DVD Sample



Other great features of our system

Cine Film Cleaning

Film cleaning - free with the HD transfer service.
The single down side to scanning your cine films in hi-def is that all of the imperfections stand out too. This means that if care hasn't been taken with the films over the years then hair, dust and dirt could've gathered among the films, all of which will stand out more with your HD scan.

Our solution to that is to clean your films. We currently use a dry, lint free cloth to wipe over your films removing as much dust, dirt and hairs as we can before the transfer.

Correct Playback Speeds

Correct playback speeds.
With our system your films are capture frame by frame. Standard PAL DVD's play at 25 frames per second (fps) to match your TV set while your cine films will run at either 16, 18 or 24 fps. Doing a standard capture and playback would result in your films running too fast, looking more like a Laurel & Hardy skit than your own family video. The custom built software used with our transfers cleverly assesses and duplicates the required amount of frames throughout each second to give smooth playback at the correct speed.

Enlarged Gate

Enlarged gate.
All of our systems take advantage of a large gate to capture every edge of your image. Some films do have fuzzy edges which could be down to dirt in the camera, hairs trapt, etc, in which case we'll use a cropping tool in the editing stage to hide them. All of the image in your film is shown in the final product with only the defects being hidden so there's no need to worry about missing heads or feet!

Cool LED Lighting

Cool LED lighting.
One of the hazards of the old film projectors was the film getting stuck and instantly burning to crisp due to the intense heat the light bulbs used to produce. This is no longer an issue as our systems use cool LED lighting technology to light up for footage.

These powerful, environmentally friendly, low cost and essentially harmless lights produce a bright and powerful light that leaves us with an evenly lit image and no danger to your precious films.

Fixing Broken Splices

Fixing broken splices - Free with all cine film transfers.
Iffy splices aren't necessarily related to our scanners but we do like to point out that any damaged splices are fixed during the transfer at no additional cost.

Doing this means there's no time wasted on sorting splices out, and besides, there's no way to tell if a film will go through with no problems at all or have an old broken splice every 100 frames.



Features you'll fine missing from our system

Flickering Images

Flickering images.
Unless your footage was shot with some form of error that caused a flickering image - which we have come across before - your images will be flicker free.

As our scanner places your film into a position before scanning that image there is no flicker from the frame pull down as seen in older systems. In older methods flicker was also caused by video cameras being used to film the footage that couldn't be set at specific settings.

Mirrors or capture boxes

Mirrors or capture boxes.
A popular transfer method was to use capture boxes that contained mirrors where you would project the image into 1 side of the box and it would reflect the image aimed at a camcorder filming it.

These boxes caused numerous problems such as soft or dark edges, bits visible on the image due to dirty screens or mirrors, and more. Our system simply captures straight from the film itself with nothing in between.

Video image ghosting

Video Image Ghosting.
As we're not recording your images and are rather taking a scan of each frame, we don't create any ghosting, or overlapping images. This ghosting effect is caused by a simple record and export of your footage that plays at 16 or 18 fps leaving the editing software create mixed frames to make up the frame count. The software will normally "blend" 2 frames together which basically means the 1st frame will be see through but seen on top of the following frame. Our software instead duplicates select frames meaning every image in the timeline is super sharp, blur free and still smooth in motion!



Presentation offered with our service


Editing Your Films

Editing your films.

Once your films have been captured there’s still a lot to do. Most of this revolves around the editor going through your films, tidying it all up for the final render.

We take a great deal of time and care to try and restore your films back to as if they were new. We look at a number of things, including:

Colour Correction

Colour correction is one of the methods that restores most life back to your films, often removing yellow/red tints and restoring the natural look of your films.

Leader Tape

Removing leader tape, damaged film and any blank footage helps make your films run seamlessly and makes them much more enjoyable.

Viewing Presentation

Presenting your footage is among the final touches to your films. Bringing in the films with your chosen title, adding transitions to each reel and fitting chapter markers all tie up what we hope is a pleasant viewing experience.

Music and audio sountrack

Music soundtrack.

Most cine film was watched with nothing more than the sound of the projector clicking away in the background, but now we have a number of options available for you.

It may sound nice to some when they think about watching their films silent like back in the day, but some nice background music can help take the edge off when watching your films.

We can provide a soundtrack using royalty free instrumental music, you can send us some music on CD to use, or of course you can leave them silent. If you’re not sure then we always suggest “why not have the royalty free music, and if you don’t like it you can just mute it“.  Any of these options are FREE to take advantage of.

Output Options

Output options.

If you’re just looking to relive your cine films then transferring them to DVD or Blu-Ray is fine, but if you know a little about computers and would like to create your own films then there’s plenty of options for you. If you’re unsure and need more info then please contact us.

HD Options
Cine to Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray - holds up to 2 hours (1600ft) of full 1080p high definition video. Blu-Ray discs are universal and unlocked for copying.

Cine to ProRes

Apple ProRes - the new standard in hd video editing is this free plugin from Apple. 3 quality options are available - 422 Standard (54Gb p/800ft), 422 HQ (81Gb p/800ft) and 4444 (121Gb p/800ft), each requires a hard drive to transfer to.

SD Options
Cine to DVD

DVD - holds up to 1:30 hours of sd film (1200ft). Comes as a PAL DVD, unlocked so that you can create your own copies.

Cine to Quicktime

Quicktime - the video standard on Apple computers is used to provide sd editable DV video for Mac users. Requires roughly 13Gb per 800ft. Any order over 2400ft requires an external hard drive.

Cine to AVI

AVI - the video standard on Windows computers is used to provide sd editable DV video for Windows users. Requires roughly 13Gb per 800ft. Any order over 2400ft requires an external hard drive.

DVD & Blu-Ray Packaging

Finalising & packaging.

If you’ve opted to transfer your films to Blu-Ray or DVD then the final product will come back to you as a printed disc, inside a case with printed/personalised sleeve.

The disc and sleeve will feature the title of your films, and if you provided a photograph for us to use on the cover then it will feature on the sleeve, and on the menu of the Blu-Ray or DVD.

Orders requiring multiple discs will come in cases that can grow to hold up to 8 discs each for DVD orders, and cases that can hold up to 6 discs each with Blu-Ray orders, so larger orders need not worry about too much clutter.

DVD’s produced by us are region free but use PAL discs and so will require a PAL compatible DVD player to play them on. Blu-Ray’s are completely region free and should work world wide without any issues.


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