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About Us

ANU MediaANU Media is a small family business run by Daniel and Angela Anuzis. We professionally transfer a wide range of older film formats to newer digital formats keeping your treasured films and memories in tact.

Based in Nottinghamshire and just a short drive away from Robin Hoods own back yard, ANU Media was born from a passion project that is Daniels love for film. Daniel has been involved in film media since 2000 and has been transferring old formats of film to DVD, Blu-ray and other modern digital formats since 2004. Using todays level of technology and some know-how we’re able to transfer and usually improve your films and photos giving you ways to enjoy your memories like you’d never imagined.

Daniel Anuzis - Main Editor

Daniel Anuzis.

Daniels love of all things film spawned in 2000 and he’s been hooked ever since. It all began at the company he worked at when they updated their services to offer film transfer. Intrigued and eager to learn, Daniel studied the fine details of handling and transferring film and photograpy formats and became advanced in using Final Cut Pro, an industry standard video editing program. It wasn’t long before the idea of ANU Media appeared and was finally born to offer these services with our own standard of work and low pricing.

Daniel currently edits all film ANU Media receives and we can guarantee that your precious films and photographs are in good hands.

Daniel is also our main call for support. Any problems or questions you might have with your films or what to do with them before or after you send them to ANU Media Daniel can answer and advise you the best options to take. If you do have any questions then please feel free to get in touch at – which is also checked regularly throughout the day by Daniel!

Angela Anuzis - Transfers and Admin

Angela Anuzis.

Angela is the pillar that supports ANU Media and keeps it in check! With all the work being processed each day, it’s easy for the office side of things to get a little out of hand. Angela takes over here and helps maintain order behind the doors.

Angela is also fully trained in handling transfers of cine film and helps us to keep up with demand when called for.

With the ‘womans touch’ applied to her work you can rest assured your films are well taken care of.

Charlie & Adam Anuzis - Noise and Distraction!

Charlie & Adam Anuzis.

If you give us a call or call in to visit then there’s a good chance you’ll hear from our 2 little guys. They can be quite the noisy twosome but they’ll no doubt bring a smile to your face!

You’ll also likely see them popping up on the website and promotional content!

Bella & Beau - Alarm & Security!

Bella & Beau.

The latest additions to the gang here Beau & Bella, our 2 Labrodoodles. They’re professional toe biters and shin scratchers, and always detect intruders…. or at least customers collecting their orders!

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