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“Pick a quality service"

Since 2010 ANU Media has become one of the favoured choices for film transfers throughout the UK. With a caring and honest approach we’re happy to help take care of your treasured family films and photo’s and restore them back to how they were meant to be seen.
-Daniel (film editor)

Film Transfer Specialists – Cine Film, VHS & More to DVD

Cine to DVD TransferWelcome to ANU Media and thank you for taking the time to visit.  You’re here because you’ve likely inherited some old family films, have been clearing out your attic and stumbled across an old box of cine films, or maybe you’re just looking to get that old wedding video converted to DVD as a nice little gift – whatever the reason I hope we can help with our film transfer services.

We’ve been operating  as a business since 2010 specialising in 8mm/Super 8 cine film transfer, whilst also converting many other formats to DVD and Blu-Ray.  We have over 10 years of experience in film transfers and we love it!  Having a young family ourselves helps us appreciate your films and photographs even more and we treat every order as if it was our own.  Take a look around and if you need any advice then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you…

Cine to DVD

Cine to DVD

With over 10 years experience and now specialising in 8mm and Super 8 cine film transfer, we’re offering one of the best services in the UK today.

Since introducing high definition transfers on to Blu-Ray in 2011 things have never looked better.

Our transfer system has been our biggest and best investment as a film transfer business, with a frame by frame capture in full 1080p we imagine there’s not much out there that beats the quality produced.  Other industry standards such as cool LED lighting, edge to edge sharpness and a flicker free process makes this service the one that we’re most proud of.

It’s not “HD or nothing” though and if you’re not geared up for high definition then you’ve got 2 great options – have your films transferred in HD and get a free DVD copy with it, or just have your cine to dvd.  Using the HD capture source we can still render out in standard definition – saving you some pennies in the process!

Video and Camcorder Transfer

Video to DVD

Our video and camcorder tape transfers continue to be a popular options when mixed with our amazing value for money paired up with this level of service.  Under the guidance of a sophisticated digital transfer box, your videos are captured straight onto our hard drives as fully uncompressed DV footage, where we then take every capture into our editor for minor adjustments and touch ups before doing a full quality render of the films.

This IS NOT a standard DVD/Video Combi Recorder process!  For more information on the process be sure to take a look at the video to dvd page.

Slides and Photo Transfers

Slides & Photo Scanning

Producing some of the most stunning results we can achieve in any of our services, this slides, photos and negatives scanning service is a real breath-taker.  We scan images at resolutions ranging from 800dpi up to 4000dpi depending on the original size, creating huge images that we can then move in to Photoshop and look over for any remaining blemishes.

Every image is clean upon being placed in the scanning frame, along with any glass on the scanner between every scan.  The powerful scanning software running with our system uses the infra-red mechanics of the scanner to distinguish any remaining dust on the photo/slide and continues to produce a beautiful scan using it’s powerful algorithms.  we DO NOT use Digital Ice due to our opinion of the feature not being up to par with the service we prefer to offer.

Once scanned, we take a look over each image and do any further touch ups required such as cropping the image correctly and removing any missed dust speckles (within reason), and then do a final save ready for you to take away.

The latest from the Blog...

Getting in touch!

Following a rough few days being set up with some nasty spam email/hack we’ve had a slight struggle with keeping up with genuine correspondence. We’ve now activated our chat app (bottom right corner of the website) on our mobile phone so we can no hopefully stay online throughout the day. This will also hopefully cut down wait times on replies.

We hope the last day or so that the website has been offline hasn’t caused too much hassle! Hopefully no more instances like it as updates continue to flow. Have a great weekend!

School’s Out!

For the period of 31st May – 3rd June we’ll be working from home due to the school half term holiday. Our 2 boys are known to not be the quietest in the world at 8 & 6 years of age so we may miss some calls. We will be monitoring and responding to any messages left or emails at every opportunity so please bear with us and we’ll catch up with you as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes!

Quiet spell!

It’s been a while since we posted anything here but we don’t want to look dormant! Getting settled in to the new premises took longer than planned while trying to remain on top of orders. I think we’ll be keeping our feet firmly planted on the back of this one!

We’ve also had a bit of a reshuffle with staff over this last couple of months and in doing so we have suffered some setbacks with turnaround times. While it may have taken longer to get orders back home our priority is to make sure the quality of work remains the same high level as always, so hopefully everyone is at least happy with their films once back in hand. We’re coming to the back end of this setback now with the last cluster of orders being tied up this week, then hopefully we’ll be back to our 2-3 week turn around times going forward from next week.

Updates have been slow and we’ve been noticing some parts of the website are a little out of date but we’re working on overhauling and updating the site, so if there is any misinformation remaining we will clear this up shortly. It’s a bigger website than we realise some times and finding all these nuggets of info is proving challenging!!

Hopefully the next update will be a bit more cheery!

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